A Ruralise ‘Reader’

It’s been a while since my last post, the final installment of my Forest Village epic. The piece was well-received: specifically one international journal has picked up on it and I have done a re-write for publication, hopefully in their next quarterly edition in May. More here when I can.

I have also been busy on a real live Community Right to Build project in Norfolk. If the silence on my CRTB Google-alert is anything to go by this is a very rare beast indeed, and I hope to be able to tell you more about it soon.

On a more general Ruralise note, I recently wanted to point a potential client at some of my musings on contemporary rural architecture – Norfolk’s architectural ‘DNA’ – but realised it was all a bit disorganised and hard to follow, even if searching by the ‘Norfolk DNA’ category. So I pulled out a list of links. The pieces were written mostly during 2010/11, and I’m not sure they add up to a coherent argument, but if you’ve ended up here with ‘contemporary rural architecture’ in mind, and you’re a sucker for punishment, the list will give you a fighting chance of reading it all. Here you go; the Ruralise ‘Reader’ on a Contemporary Norfolk Vernacular:

Ruralise On Norfolk’s ‘Architectural DNA’
Real Rural Vernacular?
The Nucleated Village
The Non-Nucleated Village
The Wide-Fronted House
The ‘Farmstead’
Contemporary Farmsteads
Contemporary Farmsteads #2
Contemporary Farmsteads #3
Roofs Across Fields
Roofs Across Fields #2
Roofs Across Fields #3
Roofs Across Fields #4
Nice Big Roof
Norfolk ‘Stuff’
More Norfolk Stuff
Thatch-fest #2
Thatch-fest #3
Thatch-Fest #4
Local Materials Faux-Pas
Norfolk’s ‘High Road’ Buildings
Building Norfolk
Time Out
Time Out #2
Time Out #3
Contemporary Vernacular?

…and On A Regional Approach to Design:
On ‘Fitting In’
On Local Distinctiveness
Frampton and Pallasmaa on Regionalism
Tayler and Green: A Critical Regionalism?

For a more general overview of Ruralise, try my 100th post, here.

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