Post #100: Ruralise in a Nutshell

Well it’s been exactly a year, and exactly 100 posts, so it seems appropriate to use this missive to offer you a summary of Ruralise to date. It is a tidied up version of some notes I made with a view to composing a single A1 display panel to represent Ruralise in the main exhibition of the Festival of Architecture for Norwich and Norfolk (FANN-XI) which is nearly upon us.

As it turns out, a text-led approach was doomed to failure so I had to think again, but it certainly seemed like a worthwhile exercise to ‘top-and-tail’ the notes and serve it up as Post #100 on Ruralise’s first birthday. My second, image-led attempt at the board worked much better (obviously)…but you’ll have to come along to the Forum sometime between 10th and 21st October to see the result.

A summary of Ruralise so far: Ruralise-An-Overview-20-Sept-2011

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