A BD Top Tweeter?

It was very flattering to be listed last week as one of the ‘Top Ten Architects to Follow’ in Building Design magazine’s ‘BD Twitter 100’. The magazine uses an automated ranking-device called Peer-Index to list architectural Twitter users according to their connectedness and level of activity. A hefty slice of subjectivity from the magazine’s editorial staff is then added to produce a number of specialist ‘Top Ten’ lists.

Building Design has shown plenty of interest in Ruralise since it began, so I suspect its inclusion in the list is actually acknowledgement of its content rather than its Twitter-connectivity. Indeed if you are one of the new followers of @Ruralise I hope you won’t feel you’ve been brought here under false pretenses! I have largely avoided the quirky or profound ‘stream of consciousness’ and ‘ooh-look-at-this’ Twitter-transmissions which might build a list of followers more quickly. Other than advertising my posts I have used Twitter mainly as a drag-net for subject-specific reading; receiving, rather than broadcasting.

The truth is I haven’t been very active either on Twitter or on the blog recently. Most of what I felt I wanted to say through Ruralise was written (and flagged via Twitter) during 2011, while I had relatively few subscribers and followers. And with the exception of my features on Tayler & Green and Forest Village, last year was relatively quiet. My thoughts about contemporary design in a rural context were written and posted in a rather haphazard fashion, and I’ve had a couple of attempts at guiding people through it – here, for instance, or more recently here.

There will probably be some more stuff on the Community Right to Build coming up; as I have reported recently we are involved in a live CRTB project at Lucas Hickman Smith, one of only a handful in the country. A little early to say any more, but watch this space…using Twitter, obviously.

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