Thatch-Fest #4

The Fraser Kirkland Moor house at Ockington (previous post) also put me in mind of the pool house by Kathryn Findlay I wrote about in my ‘Thatch-Fest’ series back in February 2011. Looking back at that I ended up once again at Moering Architekten, who have since posted several other thatched projects on their website. (See below)

Thatch was also on my mind because last Friday at a ‘Green Dragons-Den’ event one of the finalists was Stephen Letch, Chair of the East-Anglia Master Thatchers Association (EAMTA), who was extolling the virtues of reed and long-straw thatch as a contemporary, low-carbon building material. Stephen is involved in the Low Carbon Exemplar Building project at the UEA currently being designed by Architype and Morgan Sindall, where the use of thatch as an external wall-finish is being explored. And Stephen is coming into Lucas Hickman Smith tomorrow to talk to us in a bit more detail about his work.


Below: Two more thatched projects by Moering Architekten, Germany

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