Rural Musings in the Architects Journal

In this week’s AJ (pay-walled, I’m afraid), Rory Olcayto reports that mega-star Dutch architect and theorist Rem Koolhaas is thinking about the countryside. German culture-magazine 32c runs an essay by him this month which previews a book he is writing on the same subject.

The AJ piece is entitled ‘The Countryside Is Not as Empty as You Think’ which neatly captures a suspicion that serious thought by architects about the rural condition has been limited to date – for reasons I have discussed previously on Ruralise. Olcayto suggests it would be a good subject for the next Venice Biennale. That sounds like a great idea to me.

Coming Soon: A ten-part Ruralise special on ‘Forest Village’, a thought-experiment on large-scale rural development…

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