CLG Publishes CRTB ‘Guide’

A brief flurry of Google-Alerts traffic in the past couple of days about the Community Right to Build (CRTB). As reported in 24 Housing Magazine and elsewhere, Grant Schapps is urging smaller communities to start thinking about how they might exploit the opportunity offered by the CRTB when it becomes law next year.

To be fair, ‘guide’ is a bit too strong a word for it as far as I can make out – a series of 8 QandA’s here, and a one-page ‘flyer’ here. Quite a useful summary, though. It did rather make me think I should finish my own ‘Guide to the CRTB’ which has been languishing half-finished on my ‘To Do’ list for a few weeks, with things rather busy at Lucas Hickman Smith, the programme-launch for FANN-XI looming and a possible new cycling/sustainability-related event with artists Townley and Bradbury taking shape. Maybe my up-coming talk at CPRE-Norfolk’s AGM (July 18th) will focus my mind back on the Community Right to Build!

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