Summer is definitely here!

A great new header-image courtesy of Jim Stephenson – a.k.a. clickclickjim – to replace a rather chilly looking view of Gonville Hall. It won’t be long before my original header can be used again – a view of the Old Mill in frettenham across a golden wheat-field – and by then I will have been writing at Ruralise for a year; time flies!

Jim’s pic shows a terrace of houses by Tayler and Green, viewed (in characteristic Norfolk fashion) against a backdrop of trees over a field of ripening barley. I’m afraid I can’t tell you which Tayler and Green scheme this is. To find out you’ll have to join us at FANN-XI on 12th October (see earlier post). In the meantime you can get a preview of Jim’s Tayler and Green project on his blog here.

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