Ruralise Goes Off Piste

You won’t often catch me enthusing about some rare, innovative, one-off architectural tour de force here on Ruralise; there’s plenty of magazines and blogs out there to take care of that. But this project by Norwegian supremos Snohetta really took my fancy.

It’s a reindeer observation pavilion in the Dovrefjell national park in Norway. The exterior is a simple glass and steel rectancular prism, but lurking inside is this wonderfully undulating timber core. It’s made from 250x250mm baulks of pine, cut by a CNC routing machine from a CAD-model then assembled layer by layer and hand finished on site.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Building Design magazine published the project last week, but there’s also a good piece (without a pay-wall) on de zeen, which credits this photo to diephotodesigner

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