Coming Soon: Tayler & Green

Regular readers will know I am a bit of a Tayler and Green fan. I have mentioned them in passing previously (here for instance, or here) but spurred on by the success of Professor Alan Powers’ talk at the Festival of Architecture in Norwich and Norfolk (FANN-XI) in the autumn, I’m about to run a 10-part feature on Norfolk’s under-sung architectural anti-heros.

The text draws heavily on the book Alan Powers wrote with Elaine harwood for the Prince of Wales Institute in 1998 (‘Tayler and Green 1938-1973; The Spirit of Place in Modern Housing’), which remains the only significant work on the subject, and will be accompanied by the photos of some key projects that Jim Stephenson took last summer to support the Festival event.

The end-point of this Ruralise side-project will be a dedicated Tayler and Green website, which I hope to have up and running by the spring or early summer. Watch this space.

Next Post: Tayler and Green #1 – Hidden Treasure

Photo: Jim Stephenson –

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