75% Support? Not any more…

After several delays, the long-awaited Decentalisation and Localism Bill was published yesterday. I can’t yet find the references to it, in the rather opaque formatting of the on-line documents, but it is widely reported (and now confirmed by the CLG) that the threshold for support for a Community Right to Build (CRTB) proposal is now reduced from 75% to a mere 50% of those voting in an official referendum. In the early optimism of the Coalition this target was originally set at 90%, which attracted much derision from battle-hardened community activists. However, the new air of realism is good news for those contemplating a CRTB project.

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2 Responses to 75% Support? Not any more…

  1. Tom Moore says:

    Hi Matt,

    I also struggled to find the references at first. The references to CRTB begin with the section on ‘Neighbourhood Development Orders’ in the PDF here – http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmbills/126/part2/11126part2.pdf (p288 of the bill, p128 in the PDF form).

  2. Matt Wood says:

    Thanks Tom!

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