I was very surprsied and flattered to see Ruralise listed in Building Design Magazine’s Twitter Architecture 100. I’ve been writing Ruralise for ten months and only started Tweeting at the start of this year, I think. I have relatively few Twitter followers compared to others in the list, but I think what’s put Ruralise in there is the fact that my Tweets often point to ‘content’ on the blog.

My primary use for Twitter has been to bring people here, rather than as an activity for its own sake. There’s a very direct correlation bewteen page-views on Ruralise and @ruralise Tweets – though I’m glad to say the biggest spikes in traffic still come through the posts themselves.

The other way I use Twitter is as a drag-net for useful or interesting bits of information I would not have found otherwise – either Ruralise-related (by following relevant industry bodies and commentators) or much more randomly; Twitter often makes me laugh! Some people use Twitter as a sort of running commentary on their life, which I find quite odd. Unless you’re a genuine philospher I’m not sure there’s much meaningful you can say in 140 characters!

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