How to CRTB #8 – HCA Eligibility Guidance

I noticed this week that the government’s Homes and Communitites Agency (the HCA) has issued guidance for Community Right to Build (CRTB) groups interested in applying for funding directly from the HCA’s Affordable Homes Programme.

Some CRTB projects may chose to work closely with a local housing association or other Registered Social Landlord (RSL), but the HCA’s new guidance makes it clear that this is not a pre-requisite to receive central government funding for affordable homes in a CRTB project. As you would expect, the HCA’s guidance follows closely the content of the Draft Regulations for the Neighbourhood Plans and the CRTB published recently, spelling out in some detail that CRTB groups will have to properly constituted, open to their local community and be meeting a specific local housing need.

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