Cheer up, The Guardian!

The Guardian Housing Network blog posted a ‘social housing gallery’ last week. I told them I thought it was a bit bleak, and that I’d rummage out some of my own snaps of council housing in Norfolk, to cheer them up a bit.

The pictures in the Guardian’s gallery are rather beautiful, despite their grittiness. Mine don’t really stand up for comparison as photographs, but I hope they give a different angle on what ‘council housing’ could be.

Tayler and Green is the obvious omission here, but none of my own pics are as good as this selection by Citizen Al on Flickr – thanks Citizen Al, and to Rob Annable (@eversion) for pointing us at them. Anyway, I’m currently working on a Tayler and Green project with photographer Jim Stephenson ( to support a talk by Professor Alan Powers for the Festival of Architecture for Norwich and Norfolk (FANN-XI) in October…so hopefully we’ll publish some good new Tayler and Green material, featuring Jim’s pictures, in the autumn somewhere. Watch this space.

Good ordinary council-housing (Blind Lane, Horsham St Faith)

...and some more (Well Green, Frettenham)

Single-storey homes for older people (Queensway, Wymondham)

Big steep roof; very Norfolk. (Rectory Road, Horstead)

Very civilised (Colman Road, Norwich)

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